OK – We’re Blogging!

by Tony on 12th February 2016 , Comments Off on OK – We’re Blogging!

Ok – Out of the blocks! Starting right now there are useless facts, boring information, dry reviews and drab photos all to come.. we have a YouTube channel where you can be bored $^!tless by listless presenters like myself (I have no charisma) and where you can learn things that you didn’t think mattered because they largely don’t…

Suffice to say you are going to have a great time and so am I.. please help Phonostage Records to inject some ninja-switch, bad to the bone, kick-ass full-fat life into this place starting right now!!! Lemme hear you say YEAH!!



Take a look at this for a start.. I dug this out of the fabled warehouse on one of my many missions! Cool record! Watch out for a mini-review on the Phonostage YouTube Channel.. and on Facebook

Pixies 2 Pixies 1


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